How to sand and re-varnish your coffee table?

Many furniture lovers often try to restore their favorite old furniture’s and end up the process with a mess. In such case, people would search for best way to restore their old furniture especially when it comes to their coffee table, it is typical one. It is mainly because whenever people try to restore their old coffee table, they get stuck in confusion where to start the restoration process. Apart from the process doubts, most of the people would doubt whether it is possible to complete the restore at affordable cost. All these confusions, the simple answer is when compared to new coffee table the restore cost is less.

How to spot out restoration process:

Initially it is necessary to check out the stage of your old coffee table whether it lost only its beauty or its entire structure. If the table lost its structure then you need to work on to the structure first then step into sand and re-varnish your coffee table. While doing so people should be clear enough to work on to the joint fixing and wood stripping.

In common if the case is only with the beauty it can be easily rectified by using sand and re-varnish your coffee table. In this stage of restore process first you need to clean the wood from top surface till its strands. Once you done with the cleaning then you need to pad the wood surface with help of mechanical stripping tools. If all these initial process is done then you can coat them with stain, let them dry for 20 to 30 minutes. After the stain coating is completely dried then you can proceed with painting but while painting you need to make sure to paint with proper painting brush in professional way. Once the painting is done, you can also apply prime to them to add on varnish to the surface. Likewise you can easily restore your old coffee table to new one.