Teacup Australian Shepherds

The growing recreation of the smallest pets in a litter of puppies brings about a generation of also smaller Aussies referred to as “teacup” Australian Shepherds and also their popularity is boosting due to their lovable appearance. They have the very same qualities as the basic Australian Shepherd – lovable, energetic, sports, obedience and also herding skills however are much smaller sized in size.

These Teacup Aussies are a bit smaller sized than the “plaything” or mini Australian Shepherds teacup yorkies as well as can occasionally mistakenly be determined as their older generation. The Toy Australian Shepherds are between 25cm and 35cm, while the miniature Aussies are between 35cm and 40cm in elevation. Their weights are in between 10kg and 20kg and also 20kg to 30kg specifically. Normally, all 3 kinds of Australian Shepherds have the same colour markings.


The only white markings that should show up on their face, ought to remain in a long strip that prolongs from the back of the head to the nose area. This sort of dog also has a tool for long hair that is waving and soft to touch. The hair on the back of their head and also neck plus the rear of their legs, ought to additionally be slightly longer than the hair on the head or near the ear location. Another attribute of the “Teacup” Aussies is that their ears are soft and also floppy.

These dogs make great buddies for young youngsters due to the fact that they are lovable and spirited pet dogs. As the basic Aussie these teacups are all-natural birthed herders. These Teacups are under 25cm at shoulder elevation and weighs in between 2kg and 10kg. The dog requires to have all these needs to be taken into consideration a pure, true Teacup Australian Shepherd. Their colours are black, blue or red as well as these shades can be combined with tan or white markings.